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I hummed and hawed before writing this post because our most recent visit to Nanakusa was quite late at night so we didn’t order that much and we also didn’t bother with dessert.  There have been occasions when we have been there with friends or family and ordered masses of food which would have allowed me to show far more impressive photos.  However, there is no reason why I can’t blog about Nanakusa again in the future (and it is one of our regular haunts).

Out of Oko Express, Yo Sushi, Ichiban and Nanakusa, I have to say that Nanakusa is my favourite place for sushi.  My least favourite is Yo Sushi as their sushi rice is often overcooked – they do a nice pumpkin korroke and hairy prawns but let’s try not to get too distracted from the holy sushi now.   I find Ichiban’s sushi rice to lack seasoning so they’re close to the bottom for me.  Oko has a nice selection of sushi which includes lobster and mango as ingredients, which none of the other three seem to have, but I still prefer the quality and flavour which Nanakusa offers.  There is also Wudon and Sapporo Teppanyaki* (and probably others that I don’t know about and someone should really tell me about them NOW) which I haven’t tried yet.  For supermarket sushi, Whole Foods Market in Giffnock does really fresh and tasty sushi which is made on-site at their sushi counter.

(*At the time of this meal, I had not yet been to Sapporo but not too long before publishing this post, I made a visit and a post on that will follow soon!)

With 145 options on their menu, there really is a lot to choose from at Nanakusa!  If the Hubby and I are on our own, he tends to order a “mains” noodle or rice dish, I would order a few portions of sushi, and we would share a couple of “starters” (but we just ask for everything to arrive at the same time because patience is not our friend).

Teppan Ginger Chicken Udon - teppan fried udon noodles with chicken marinated in ginger, egg, mixed vegetables and garnished with pickled ginger - £7.90

Teppan Ginger Chicken Udon – teppan fried udon noodles with chicken marinated in ginger, egg, mixed vegetables and garnished with pickled ginger – £7.90

On this occasion, the Hubby had the Ginger Chicken Udon.  Nanakusa’s noodles are always full of flavour and very satisfying.  The udon was well-cooked with just enough bite and was coated in a tasty sauce. Feels quite healthy too – not greasy at all which fried noodles can be sometimes. Not that I’m particularly health-conscious (I’d be quite happy to gobble up a deep-fried pizza but let’s save that for another post perhaps!).

Amaebi (sweet prawn) Nigiri - £3.30 (2 pieces)

Amaebi (sweet prawn) Nigiri – £3.30 (2 pieces)

Sake (salmon) Nigiri - £3.10 (2 pieces)

Sake (salmon) Nigiri – £3.10 (2 pieces)

Maki Kanikar (deep fried soft shell crab, cucumber and mayonnaise) - £4.80 (4 pieces)

Maki Kanikar (deep fried soft shell crab, cucumber and mayonnaise) – £4.80 (4 pieces)

I went for two lots of nigiri: sweet prawn and salmon. And also the soft shell crab maki roll.  I love raw fish and would always order the sweet prawn and salmon nigiri which are my favourites.  The seafood here are generally very fresh – I don’t recall ever having dodgy sushi at Nanakusa (whereas Yo Sushi has been a little questionable at times…).  If there are other people around and we are sharing, I would usually also suggest the mackerel and seabass nigiri.  The eel is good too.

Nasi Dengaku - deep fried aubergine - £3.90

Nasi Dengaku – deep fried aubergine – £3.90

To share, we ordered the deep fried aubergine.  Wonderfully soft flesh with a sweet miso sauce.  I would happily order just this and a bowl of steamed rice, mix up the whole lot, and shovel it all into my mouth.   But I never do because my greed dictates that I order a lot more.  The menu doesn’t tell you what the flaky bits on top are but a some quick research taught me that these are dried bonito fish flakes.  They add a little bit of texture and smokiness to the dish, but I wouldn’t really say that they taste particularly fishy.

Yasai Tempura -deep fried mixed vegetables (aubergine, sweet potato, mushroom and baby corn) in light batter - £3.50

Yasai Tempura – deep fried mixed vegetables (aubergine, sweet potato, mushroom and baby corn) in light batter – £3.50

Also for sharing, we had the mixed vegetable tempura.  Normally we would go for the Tempura Moriawase (which is pretty much the mixed veg tempura but with three additional king prawns) but as I said, it was a late night and we went for the lighter option.  The tempura was light with a good crunch.  I have never had bad tempura at Nanakusa.

With two cups of green tea (£1.50 each with unlimited refills), the bill was £29.50 which I think, considering that we ordered quite little, is pretty average for a Japanese restaurant in Glasgow.  The service is usually quite good, but this time it was rather lacking attentiveness, probably because it was late and most of the staff were sitting down for their own meals.  I think there was one other table of customers when we arrived but halfway through the meal, we were the only ones there.  As I said, this is one of our usual hotspots so we will no doubt be back (and I’ll make sure I drag more people along with me!).

(The prices on the menu available on their website is out of date and some of the prices are now higher than what’s shown.  E.g. Amaebi Nigiri was £2.90 and now £3.30.)


441 Sauchiehall Street,
G2 3LG
0141 332 6303
Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu 12-2:30pm & 5-11pm
Fri-Sat 12 noon-12 midnight
Sun 5-11pm

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3 thoughts on “Nanakusa

  1. I have clicked to “Follow” this website, so I got an email about your new post. Actually the email was the post; however, our computer does not allow pictures. I read about halfway through and realized that I am missing the fun of the pictures. Now I’m on your website and know how much more is added by those delightful pictures! The presentation of the Nasi Dengaku is amazing. I love how you end with a picture of the restaurant.

    • Beverly, thanks for your lovely comment and I’m glad you’re enjoying the photos! I think they play a big part in the posts which would otherwise just be a lot of ramblings! I will try to take a photo of every restaurant I write about – sometimes it can be tricky!

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