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The Grill on the Corner

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Grill on the Corner normally has a 50% discount (off food only) in January and this year was no different.   By now, you have probably noticed that the Hubby and I love a special offer and rarely pay full price when we eat out.  With there being so many deals out there, it’s really not that difficult to get at least 20% off.

Let’s get straight to the food and not waste any more time!

Crispy calamari with lemon mayonnaise - £6.00

Crispy calamari with lemon mayonnaise – £6.00

The hubby had the calamari which we have ordered at Grill on the Corner before and it’s a favourite of ours.  The coating was crispy and wonderfully seasoned, and the squid was perfectly cooked and not at all rubbery.   The mayonnaise that came with it was spot on.  This dish is almost faultless – the only complaint I could make is that the portion size could be bigger (but no matter how big it is, it would still be polished off in no time).

Wild mushroom tart with leek and brie - £6.75

Wild mushroom tart with leek and brie – £6.75

As soon as the mushroom tart got brought to our table, I could smell the truffle oil.  The deep filo pastry case was overflowing with a delicious mixture of wild mushrooms.  I’m not even going to pretend that my knowledge of types of mushrooms stretches far enough to identify all the ones in the tart – there were loads of them and they were beautiful.  That’s all I care.  I love brie and I just wish there was a little more of it.  I had expected a shortcrust pastry but the light and crispy filo worked so much better.  I would definitely order this again.  In fact, I am craving this dish as I write this post…

Rib eye steak (310g) with champ potatoes - £19.75 (plus £2.00 for Bearnaise sauce)

Rib eye steak (310g) with champ potatoes – £19.75 (plus £2.00 for Bearnaise sauce)

The rib eye is available at a smaller 225g option but the Hubby finished the larger size without any issue.  It was a good thickness (I can’t stand a thin steak) and cooked medium-rare just like he had requested.  The meat was tender with a nice charred flavour, but it was competing against the Hubby’s beloved champ potatoes!  So simple – just crushed potatoes with chopped spring onion, butter and seasoning – but it tastes so good.  The sauce was nice but nothing special to write home (or on a blog) about.

Whole Dover sole with parsley and lemon nut brown butter - £29.00 (plus £3.50 for home cut chips)

Whole Dover sole with parsley and lemon nut brown butter – £29.00 (plus £3.50 for home cut chips)

The sole was fantastic (and at £29 full price, it better damn well be!).  Perfectly cooked fish covered in a nutty brown butter, flavoured with a generous helping of chopped parsley.  It was so delicious that the Hubby, who is not a massive fan of fish, said that he would be happy ordering this dish after I gave him a taste of it.  I was told that the sole would be served with no side dishes so I ordered the chips which were very nice, chunky, skins-on, rustic chips.  Very satisfying, and it doesn’t matter how fancy the restaurant is, I can never resist eating chips with my fingers.  To me, it just tastes better that way.   And of course, I asked for tomato ketchup to go with  my chips.  It’s a requirement.

Red velvet cake with kumquat clotted cream - £5.95

Red velvet cake with kumquat clotted cream – £5.95

Normally I would want to order every single dessert on offer and I would telepathically convince my fellow diners to order the desserts I wasn’t ordering so that I could try a bit of everything.  It’s a very clever trick which I would urge everyone to try to master.  Actually I’m lying – I don’t do that with just the dessert course.  This time, however , the only thing that appealed to me on the desserts menu was the red velvet cake.  There were the usual suspects like creme brulee and sticky toffee pudding, but I was in the mood for something a little different.  The red velvet cake was nice – the sponge was a little moist with a creamy frosting (which was a bit too sweet for me but the Hubby couldn’t have been more pleased about that!).

The Hubby didn’t fancy a dessert so ordered the “After Eight” coffee (Mozart dark chocolate liqueur and Creme de Menthe with coffee and a cream float – £4.95) which was delicious.  Good, strong coffee with a backnote of cocoa and a mentholly aftertaste.  A perfect after dinner liqueur coffee.

The service at Grill on the Corner was commendable.  Our waitress was very friendly and attentive (not to mention very pretty).  When our bill came, it turned out that I had messed up our booking so the 50% discount had not initially been deducted, but the manager authorised the discount without there being any fuss made.  It can be very disappointing when a restaurant serves up fantastic food but is let down by unpleasant staff, or vice versa, but Grill on the Corner really excelled in both on this occasion.

In addition to everything already mentioned, we had three soft drinks and the bill total was £47.92.

GRILL ON THE CORNER 21-25 Bothwell Street

21-25 Bothwell Street
G2 6NL
0141 248 6262

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